Thursday, March 19, 2015

Paper Mache Animal Trophies

I kept seeing these awesome animal trophies all over the internet and thought it would be a great lesson for my 6th graders to do.  First we drew a few sketches of the animals we wanted to do and how our wall mounts would look.  Then we molded newspapers with masking tape into the shapes we wanted.  We painted two layers of gesso over our shapes in order to cover the newsprint.  When that dried we put two layers of paper mache over the shapes.  Then we painted our animals and hot glued them on our painted cardboard mounts.

I found this awesome lesson plan after I had written mine, figures.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Value Still Life

In this project students drew a still life composition showing value from direct observation.  First students created a gray scale and we discussed how to use all of the variations of the scale to create a real to life drawing.  Then I set up a still life in the middle of the room and had students pick a place to sit and draw.  The results were fabulous!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mixed Media Still Life

In this project students drew from a still-life by combing collage, ebony pencil, charcoal, and colored pencil.

First students used brown paper and book pages to create a collage for their backgrounds.

Then students created value scales using ebony pencil, charcoal, and colored pencils. This helped them get a feel for the media.

After the papers had dried, students were given a still life of fruit to draw from and the following rules...
1. On white paper draw with ebony pencil.
2. On brown paper draw with colored pencils.
3. On the book pages draw with charcoal.

Students had to really concentrate on what materials they were using and how to create value in order to produce a realistic still life drawing.

The results were amazing!

Here is a link to the original lesson.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Contour Line/Tissue Paper Still Life

In this lesson students drew the contour lines of a still life and then created a colorful background using tissue paper and a spray bottle of water.  In the lessons prior to this we had drawn a contour line drawing upside down as well as practiced blind contour drawings of our hands, so students were very familiar with this process of drawing without shading. 
After the drawing was complete students outlined their contour lines with black sharpie.  Then they cut out bright colored pieces of tissue paper and laid them out across their drawing.  They very gently sprayed water across the composition and pressed lightly on the tissue paper in order for it to leave a colored print.
I think students really enjoyed this process of art making, especially the tissue paper part :)

Here's a link to the original post.

Join the Dark Side, We Have Cookies

For this week's Bell Ringer we drew Darth Vader.  The students were aggravated that our black markers were all dried up so they got creative. Cutest Darth Vaders EVER.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zentangle Still Life

In this project students created a patterned drawing while drawing from observation.  I set up various small still lifes in the room and students were given a choice on where and what to draw.  After students finished drawing they added hue, tint and shade with colored pencils.  They finished their drawing by creating patterns (AKA zentangles) with black marker for their backgrounds.

Some of the students had never drawn from a still life before, the results were great! I cannot stress enough how awesome these Zentangle Still Life Drawings turned out.  They are MESMERIZING!

Here's is the link to the original post