Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I think I will start off my blog with a paper essay written by one of my students.  The student won first place in a Safe City poster contest.  In order for this student to be entered into the city wide competition she had to write a paragraph about why her poster is about " Imagine a city with no violence."  As she came bounding into my room today with her paper you could totally tell 1. that she was SUPER EXCITED about winning. 2. She had taken the time to think about her paper and what she wanted to say.  A proud moment needless to say.  Most of the kids write less than 25 words and it's mostly..."I drew a peace sign and that means peace and I like my drawing very much thank you." Imagine if you will a poster with two beautifully drawn Virgin Mary's encased in floral shrines and in between them a giant hand giving the two finger peace sign.
Please to enjoy...

First of all I would like to thank my art teacher for helping me build it.  Well usually I drew it, myself, she just gave me ideas.  Anyway, “Thank You, Very Much!!”
          OK, I drew my picture by thinking. At first I didn’t know what to draw about.  I asked my art teacher about ideas, she said that maybe some cool stuff.  This was weird because for no reason what came to my head was a Virgin Mary with a hand peacefully.  I started drawing it on practice paper. I liked how I did it, I said in my head “Fantastic!”  I drew the hand in the middle of the two Virgin Marys, I did lots of details in the drawing, I even took a whole morning on Saturday on the computer finding information about Virgin Marys, because I knew I had to win, somehow I knew it in my heart.  I know that.  I tried really hard to win because I felt it inside me.
          Peace for me means freedom, love, fun-loving, safe, friendly, cool nice, happiness, you know what, to put it straight, peace for me means, TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE WHILE YOU HAVE IT!  Don’t be dumb and kill yourself like some do or be sad, if you’re sad go outside and talk to God, he will help you, but PEACE your life!!!
          Safety is important to protect our selves of the badness.  Also safety is to take care of yourself.  Example: If you’re going to do something and you KNOW that there is something bad going to happen, DON’T DO IT!! PLEASE!
          If you care about safety you’ll be good by protecting yourself.  Safety is good for us.  Thank you so much!  I’m excited!

I think my favorite part is when she states that if you're sad you need to go outside and talk to God.  Isn't that the sweetest...
And to clarify, I did not just say "maybe some cool stuff."  I actually spent time brainstorming with the students on what a safe city is...I guess she must have forgotten that.  I think this first place was definitely meant for her.  I am so proud :)