Friday, March 19, 2010

Art Adventure

Flat Stanley meet with my niece and great niece for lunch at Panera today.  He loved his chicken sandwich.   My great niece taught him to dip his sandwich in the soup, he really went bonkers for that.  He enjoyed the company but was very careful not to end up in the hands of Braeleigh.  She wanted him badly.  I could totally see where that would lead...being torn to shreds! YIKES!  How would I ever explain that to Daniel?

Notice the big smile on Braeleigh's face.  She's a total ham.  Such an entertaining child.  I love her so.

Three of my students were chosen to be a part of the Modern Art Camp at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.  It's free for the students and they get to spend all spring break making art with local artists and learning about the artists and artwork in the galleries.  It's a wonderful opportunity for them.  Their end of the week exhibition was today so Flat Stanley and I made the trek over to the museum after lunch.

      If you haven't checked out the Andy Warhol Exhibition I suggest you do so.  I did a quick run through and plan on going back and taking more time to stand in awe of the artwork and drool on myself.

 The Japanese architect Tadao Ando built this museum.  We love Tadao Ando and his wonderful smooth & modern building.

The reflection pond is so peaceful and 
relaxing.  Flat Stanley wanted to float
along the surface of the water and stare
blankly out into the sky.  But then that
would ruin him, so I wouldn't let him do it.

Way back behind Flat Stanley 
are two silver trees.  They're 
actually made out of stainless 
steel and are made by the artist
Roxy Payne.  What a cool name 
Roxy Payne.  This sculpture 
is called "Conjoined."

                                     Flat Stanley wanted to ride Deborah Butterfield's statue of a horse.                                                                                                                       
                                     It looks as if it's made out of sticks and branches, but really it's bronze.

Ohhhh, it's the most AWESOME sculpture EVER!  It's the VORTEX by Richard Serra.  It's massive and gorgeous and beautiful and amazing.  Flat Stanley loved going inside of the sculpture and screaming at the top of his lungs.  It echos quite nicely.  It's funny because Flat Stanley thinks he's being loud but he hardly has a loud scream.  Silly Stanley.

Here's Flat Stanley Addressing the Public.  Just kidding.  The sculpture 
is called "Woman Addressing the Public", it's by the artist Joan Miro.
 We hit up the Kimbell Art Museum to check out the Texas exhibition.  My mouth watered at the sight of the paintings by Max Beckmann & Manet & Gauguin.  Stanley like them too, especially the Rembrant painting.  He's amazed at how real artists can make people look.  He hopes one day he can look as real as a Rembrant painting.

We have only one more free day to do fun things before spring break is over.  We've had a good time together Flat Stanley & I.  We'll miss these days together.

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