Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food Day!

YAY!  Today we ate out TWICE!  That's a very rare thing for us.  Since it was Stanley's last day we thought he deserved a big breakfast and a big steak dinner...we skipped lunch.

We started our morning at Montgomery St. Cafe, one of the best breakfast and lunch destinations in Fort Worth.  Flat Stanley had the two egg special.

Flat Stanley went all crazy and ordered pancakes.  They were much bigger than he had expected.

We ran a few errands, but spent the better half of the day indoors due to the weather.  It was raining/snowing/super duper cold.  A dreary day indeed.  Flat Stanley wanted the snow to stick so we could make snowmen.  To our dismay it seemed to have accumulated everywhere except here.

For dinner we meet a friend, Jennifer and her son Gavin, at the Flaming Steakhouse.  They were very fun to have dinner with.  We all had such a great time. Flat Stanley had never had steak before and found it to be a mouth watering experience.

Gavin and Flat Stanley hit it off quite nicely.  Gavin let him watch movies on the iPhone while they were waiting for the food to come out.  They became fast friends.  Gavin wanted to take him home so they could play together.

Flat Stanley was so glad to meet Jennifer and Gavin.  He was very sad to see them go but knew that one day he'd see them again! He's had a lot of fun with the Theodore's but he's very ready to go back home to Daniel.  He can't wait to tell him everything that he did!

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