Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Nature Center

The Fort Worth Nature Center has been an all time favorite activity of ours so we felt Flat Stanley would love the adventure of hiking through the woods.  We hiked along the Canyon Ridge Trail and witnessed some awe inspiring views.  Spotted a few deer along the way but they were way too quick for my camera, plus it was early in the morning so I wasn't quite as awake as I should have been.

It was actually quite chilly out so after our hike we decided to hit the local Starbucks for a cup of joe.  Stanley had never had coffee before and found that if you put loads of sugar and milk in it that it actually ends up to be pretty darn tasty. 

         Today was a good day, some fresh air, some beautiful views,
         good company and good exercise.   This is a great spring
         break thus far!              

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