Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chalk Pastel's

I found this awesome landscape chalk lesson and thought the kids would do well with this.  I was hoping to stretch it out for a few days but these kids are quick!  I was so impressed with their work.  They did really well.  What I've learned from this experience:  Black oil pastels get used up fast as well as the chalk.  Chalk pastels ARE VERY MESSY!

I sure did use a ton of paper towels.  A sink with running water would be way easier.  Maybe one day I'll have a sink.  I also learned not to spray fixative on a windy day.  Despite the clean up it was totally worth it.  Now if only I had a museum to put the work in.  That's what I need, a sink and a museum, yeah, that would be awesome!

Here's the link to the lesson plan.  I love me some Deep Space Sparkle.

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