Sunday, April 4, 2010

Into The Garden

We had such a beautiful week last week I decided to take my smallest class out of the classroom and into the garden to sketch.  I'd never done this before and didn't know how well they'd do drawing from observation.  Most of the students planted themselves in front of the gorgeous blossoming peach tree, other drew the lady bugs which were everywhere you turned.  There were lots of bees too, I was terrified someone would get stung.  With my luck the one who'd get stung would be the one who was allergic to them.  No one did, thank goodness.

Here's our lady bug friend.  She wanted to be the subject of the drawings.

The students surprised me with their mad sketching skillz.  I didn't hear "Can you draw this tree for me?" once.  They did pretty darn good.  We should do this more often, behavior pending.

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