Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prairie Fest

My husband convinced me to join a biking group on Saturday. Let it be known that I haven't ridden a bike in two years. We started at Trinity Bikes off North Main, rode through downtown, then the rest is a haze. 8 miles may not seem much, but to me it certainly was. Prairie Fest is in it's fourth year I believe, it's to celebrate the Tandy Hills trails and to promote reconnecting with nature. It certainly was a perfect day for a festival. Lots of good food and furry friends.

I made friends with a Great Pyranees/Irish Wolfhound.

We hit the trails but then quickly changed our minds due to the people congestion. It's hard to enjoy hiking when 50 people are following behind you, kind of defeats the purpose.

The flowers were gorgeous. Springtime in Texas can actually be pretty nice. What's not nice was the bike ride back to Trinity Bikes. Thought I was going to DIE! The wind was against me, my legs were shot, my arms sunburned, and my head was throbbing. I was the one everyone waited on. So embarrassing. At least I can say I did it. I rode my bike for longer than two miles! Go Me! I look forward to the next bike ride, maybe.

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