Monday, May 24, 2010

Let them eat (make) cake!

Oh how I love Wayne Thiebaud. I still regret missing his show at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth...those many, many years ago. So uncool. I thought this last lesson of the school year should pay homage to him.

I started with a Flip Chart all about Wayne and his works. The kids were all mad at me because it made their little mouths water. They said I should have at least considered their feelings and brought cakes for them to eat...ha, silly little ones.

Then I had them design their cakes, what colors did they want to use, how big did they want their cake? They also could make cupcakes and lollipops. After they were colored and ready I passed out the model magic. They mixed their secondary colors on their own since model magic only comes in primary colors...yay, an element of art! They totally thought that was a trip, mixing the colors. They almost wasted the whole class period just making colors. They ended up making some swell cakes and candies. Makes me want to whip up one right now, the kind you can eat. I do apologize if these photos make you hungry for sweets.

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