Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pimpin' the Holga

When I first bought my Holga for a Photography class many years ago I was excited to have her. Then I took photos, several rolls of photos, and then I hated her. I managed to make a passing grade on my project all because my dogs are so damn cute, they were my subject, not because I was bad ass with my Holga. I almost did a ceremonial burning of her after the class was over. But I could not bring myself to do such a thing.

Flash forward to several years later and my love for her has been renewed. I'm gearing up for the beginning of summer and the beginning of a new and loving relationship with my Holga. I've been checking out different websites devoted to tricking out Holga's and decided she needed a new look to go with my new outlook on little cheap toy plastic cameras. So during my planning periods I fixed her all up, a homage to Keith Haring if you will. One of my favorite artists.

She's so pretty now I won't be able to destroy her no matter what she does to my film. We're going to do great things this summer her and I.

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