Saturday, May 15, 2010


My 4th graders created their own self-portraits for the last project of the year. We started the lesson by discussing some of the artists who painted self portraits; Van Gogh, Chuck Close, and Vigee Lebrun. Then I did a guided drawing on where the eyes, nose, mouth and ears were located on the head, how to draw eyes...and so on. I passed out mirrors and the students added the details of the face, hair and clothing. Then they colored their self-portraits using colored pencils and finished by adding a fine tipped black marker to define the lines.

Talk about teeth pulling...geesh...the 4th graders did not like this lesson at all! It's a shame since I think they did really good. I think 30% of the kids didn't even try, they just wanted to get it over with. The other 70% did really well even though they complained through the whole process. Maybe I should move this up to 5th grade, they did their fair share of complaining about working in art too. Here are some examples of their hard work, and trust me they did work hard, well, some of them did.

The drawings...

And now the finished project...

This student got very creative with his pose. Not only that but it looks just like him! He's a definite candidate for art club next year. Love it!

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