Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Heart Delilah!

I have two AWESOME dogs. One Jack Russell/Rat Terrier Mix, he will be 16 this October, and one Jack Russell Terrier, she will be 10 in October as well. As you can imagine, they're not as lively as they once were.

Oliver Odel

Abbey Gail

We've been searching for a puppy , specifically a Border Terrier, for a year now, but there are very few in the US and are very expensive. I was dead set on a Border until I met Delilah. I walked into Panther City Bicycles and there she was. I played with her for hours. She was ADORABLE! Apparently she was abandoned and rescued. She ended up having pneumonia, thousands of dollars later she was healthy again. I can't imagine ever leaving that sweet little Delilah. Totally fell in love with her. Totally wanted her, she was totally taken :( However, she is VERY SPOILED and well taken care of. It looks like she found a perfect companion, and place to live. Here's a video of her.

So I'm going to hit every animal shelter in North Texas and find my little Delilah. That is my summer goal. We need a little puppy to liven things up here. Wish me luck!!

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