Sunday, June 13, 2010


We've been looking for a puppy for a year now. Specifically a Border Terrier. I love them, I so want one, but they are VERY HARD TO FIND! I just couldn't wait any longer. So I've been checking all the local shelters for the past 5 weeks for any small terrier mix puppies. Friday night I finally found one, two rather.

They were terrier mix puppies about 9 weeks old and were abandoned and found as strays. The male was brown and the female black. When I arrived at the shelter...telling my friend Lan that I would be fine with going home empty handed...there was a family there waiting for me. It seems they were having trouble picking out their puppy, they both were awesome. I had my hopes set on the little brown one, but he made it clear who he wanted to go home with. The little girl kept choosing me. I tell you I didn't have a choice. That little black face kept looking up at me, those brown eyes so happy to see me. I could not resist her. She won.

So we now have a new member of the family, Stella, the little black terrier mix. She has quite an attitude, needs to be potty trained and socialized. She also has an infestation of ticks, we are currently working on that thanks to the help of the Petsmart vet, thank GOD they're open on Sundays. I think by the weeks end she'll be used to us, tick free, and (fingers crossed) Abbey and Stella become best buds. Welcome to the family Stella!

She likes to hide in the ivy with the gnome.
She's lazy.
She knows how to look when she's in trouble!


  1. omg my puppy looks just like her :) i'm trying to figure out what kinda puppy she is

    1. The guy at the shelter said she was a Schnauzer terrier mix of some kind. She's the best dog. I hope you enjoy our little puppy!