Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Dog In A Small Shirt

Stella got a present today from the Favors! A nice brush and some hand made doggie threads. She would be totally stylin' but she keeps growing! She's almost as big as Abbey, it amazes me. It was so awesome for them to think of Stella. Oliver will fit in them quite nicely though. I can't wait to try to fit a shirt on an old, grumpy, blind dog, should be fun.
This makes me giggle.

As does this. I love little stinky britches.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stella Vs. Sock Monkey

I was productive today. However, my productivity was almost destroyed by one schnauzer/terrier mix puppy named Stella. I sat my little sock monkey down on the bed, went to my computer to look up how to make a sock monkey hat. Heard some rustling by my feet. Looked down, and to my horror my sock monkey was being tossed in the air by a little black fur ball. By the time I pried my creation away from her the ear was chewed beyond repair. Not having any left over sock to replace the ear I had to make a little sock monkey skull cap to hide the missing ear. So glad I was intending to make one anyway. Poor little guy. She looks kind of funny now. A little monkey Van Gogh. I can't turn my back on this little destructive puppy.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Organized Floss

I finally organized my embroidery floss! No more digging out floss from a zip lock bag and trying to unravel it all, and then getting mad and frustrated and throwing everything down and pouting. Now that must mean I need to embroider something, huh?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sock Fish

I was productive yesterday! YAY me! I got out my Sock & Glove (Miyako Kanamori) book, dug around for a sock and viola! Sock Fish. I took the liberty to add pectoral fins with the scraps. I didn't add a dorsal fin because, let's face it, I can only handle so much creativity. I think I'll name him Jeffrey.

I wasn't productive today, we shall see if I am tomorrow.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Puppies & Toddlers

My great niece came over and met Stella our puppy. Stella was a little frightened of Braeleigh, which is OK since Braeleigh decided she liked Abbey better. She would run over to Abbey, squat down and pat her on the head and say "Mine!" It was cute. There's nothing better than a night of puppies, toddlers and giggling.