Saturday, August 14, 2010

Art Mail

Oh what to do with the students who are early finishers. Last year I had a rack of papers they were to grab and make free drawings with...that would only last them a mere minute or two. Then I added folders filled with fun drawing worksheets...that pretty much did the trick, up until they had completed all of them.

So this year I created the Art Idea Mailbox. They're only $7.99 at Joanne's Fabrics. All you have to do is give them a paint job (my room is paisley themed this year...oh paisley, how I love thee) and stuff them with as many envelopes as you can. In those envelopes are ideas that they are to draw. Ideas that will absolutely not be finished by the time class is over. You know why? Because they have to draw the picture prompt, then color it 100%. If they pick it they have to draw it. They can't put it back and try to say they don't like any of the ideas...HA-HA! It's a foolproof plan...totally foolproof...I think. That and I think they'll really dig opening up a mailbox and finding envelopes. I know I would have liked it as a kid.

If your interested in sketchbook ideas I got most of mine off of this site., they have some great ideas. I also cut some images out of magazines and asked them to draw a background. I'll see how it goes. If it ends up being non-foolproof, you will be the first to know. I have my fingers crossed!


  1. What a great idea for those early finishers! We don't have a JoAnn's around here, but I can find one when I venture up toward Minneapolis! I love how you painted yours with the bright design!