Sunday, September 26, 2010

Humanimal Portraits

I know we should have started with the elements of art but I really wanted to do something fun the first 6 weeks of school. Not only that, but since I see classes once a week it becomes impossible to follow the curriculum. I took this lesson from the book "My Very Favorite Art Book: I Love Collage!" by Jennifer Lipsey. The kids loved it.

It took the 5th and 4th graders 5 - 45 minute classes to complete this and some didn't get to finish. They cut out the body of a person out of a magazine, then cut out an animal head and added human eyes. They had free reign to add other details. They had to have a background, it could be anything. It didn't have to make sense.

The 3rd and 2nd graders cut out an oval from construction paper and added different eyes, noses, mouths and hair. They could add a body if they wanted to or mustaches or whatever they felt like adding. They also had to cover the background with magazine images.

The result is hysterical. I've never seen so many kids laugh and giggle at their own work. Their imaginations totally worked overtime on this and it shows. The only bad thing about this lesson is looking through the magazines and ripping out inappropriate images. And if we have over 900 kids just guess how many magazines I had to go through. That and trying to find cheap animal magazines at Half Price Books. I should have planned a little bit better. It's a lot of work to do this lesson but again, I have to say, seeing the kids so happy and productive and seeing the end result is really worth it.

(5th & 4th Grade)

(2nd & 3rd Grade)

Oh and I worked 54 hours this week and spent a whopping $1.89 for the classroom.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Starry Night

The kids did a mural! No, not a painting mural a temporary oil pastel mural of Van Gogh's "Starry Night." Of course I could only have one class participate since there were only 24 pieces to the mural and I only have one class with less than 24 students. Nonetheless they were super excited to be the chosen ones. It took two 45 minute classes, the first day we talked about Van Gogh and studied the work we were going to copy...we could have possibly started that day but the kids were a little rambunctious so they spent a lot of class in time out. The second day we colored the pieces with oil pastels. It turned out soooooooooooooooooo good. And the kids were soooooooooooooo proud of what they accomplished. I was very proud too. So take a look and see what you think.

I bought the mural template through Art Projects for Kids. Kathy Barbro has some awesome templates to choose from and for only $5. They come in handy when you need to decorate the school for open house. Here's her link, check it out, it's awesome.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Glamour Pup

Here's the newest photo of Stella. I've been very busy these past few weeks and haven't had time to shoot her (with a camera). She's on her 17th day of heat, and no, we are not planning on breeding her. We had an appointment for her to get spayed on the 3rd of September and the day before...THE DAY BEFORE...she started her heat cycle. What are the odds? So she's been wearing doggie diapers for the past weeks. It's funny to watch her rub her body along furniture trying to get the thing off. It's not so funny to clean up the tiny shredded cotton innards of the diaper after she's chewed it off when we're not paying attention. I'm looking forward to walking her again and one day taking her to Fort Woof to socialize with others. By that time she'll be fixed and the weather should be much cooler, I hope.

Keeping tabs on hours and money for the week...I worked 53 hours this week and spent $24 for my classroom. To my dismay my to do list just keeps adding on to itself...STOP IT!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Visit

We had a visit from a basset hound today. I kept hearing about the big weenie dog running around the school from the kids, they were all kinds of excited. Then as the kinders were coming in she made her entrance. She walked right into my classroom. We have a school policy that the students aren't supposed to touch any stray animals so I had to drag her out of the room. Dude, she was super strong! The kiddos were so disappointed that she couldn't stay. One little girl walked up to me and told me the dog didn't look mean at all, and since she wasn't mean why couldn't they pet her? She was so concerned and hurt by this.

I let the dog stay with me after school was out so she could cool down from being in the heat. It gave me an opportunity to take photos of her and give her some good pettin' time. She sure is a sweetie pie, I hope she found her way home.

I love those feet!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keeping Tabs

Before I forget. This year I thought I should keep track of how many hours and how much money I put into being an art teacher. Maybe seeing the end result can help me figure out how to manage my time and money better. Maybe let go of a few things I cannot control. We shall see.

OK so I've been working for 4 weeks now, and average of 48 hours a week so that makes it 192 hours of work since the 16th of August. The first week I spent $95 for my classroom. $34 the second week. $16 the third week. I'm about to spent $11 more today for animal magazines. I did not know that kids would go through over 100 magazines in a week, but when you have over 900 kids I guess you do. I also bought a scentsy for my classroom to mask the "old musty portable smell" but I think its not really a necessity so I probably should not add that on.

So the total thus far is 192 hours worked and $156 spent for my classroom. Not too bad compared to my first year where I think I spent $200 and worked 55 hours a week right off the bat trying to make everything perfect. So glad my first year is over and done with!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Catbishes, Cucks, Shigers & Mogbras, OH MY!

I had a sub on Friday because I was busy making art at TCU. The lesson for the day was for the kids to make a drawing of three different animals combined into one. The results were hysterical. The sub enjoyed them as well.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Maggie Doll!

I turned my Mom's dog, Maggie, into a doll! Now she can take her sweet and loving Airedale terrier with her everywhere she goes!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grandparents Day

I was asked to have the kids make generic cards for our school's grandparents day luncheon. I explained that they were for the grandparents that were visiting and they were for decoration only. I got some really cute cards, and then I got some really funny ones...I think this one is my favorite!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Case of the Cutesies

The beginning of the school year can be very hard on the art teacher as classes are filled to capacity, students are getting shifted from one teacher to another, and not to mention managing an art program with over 1,000 students...dude, it's just plain difficult. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and a lot exhausted. All it takes is one look at the cutest little drawings EVER to make it all worth while.

If you can't tell I had the Kinders & 1st Graders draw what they did over the summer. Too cute! Their drawings make me smile.