Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keeping Tabs

Before I forget. This year I thought I should keep track of how many hours and how much money I put into being an art teacher. Maybe seeing the end result can help me figure out how to manage my time and money better. Maybe let go of a few things I cannot control. We shall see.

OK so I've been working for 4 weeks now, and average of 48 hours a week so that makes it 192 hours of work since the 16th of August. The first week I spent $95 for my classroom. $34 the second week. $16 the third week. I'm about to spent $11 more today for animal magazines. I did not know that kids would go through over 100 magazines in a week, but when you have over 900 kids I guess you do. I also bought a scentsy for my classroom to mask the "old musty portable smell" but I think its not really a necessity so I probably should not add that on.

So the total thus far is 192 hours worked and $156 spent for my classroom. Not too bad compared to my first year where I think I spent $200 and worked 55 hours a week right off the bat trying to make everything perfect. So glad my first year is over and done with!

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