Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Visit

We had a visit from a basset hound today. I kept hearing about the big weenie dog running around the school from the kids, they were all kinds of excited. Then as the kinders were coming in she made her entrance. She walked right into my classroom. We have a school policy that the students aren't supposed to touch any stray animals so I had to drag her out of the room. Dude, she was super strong! The kiddos were so disappointed that she couldn't stay. One little girl walked up to me and told me the dog didn't look mean at all, and since she wasn't mean why couldn't they pet her? She was so concerned and hurt by this.

I let the dog stay with me after school was out so she could cool down from being in the heat. It gave me an opportunity to take photos of her and give her some good pettin' time. She sure is a sweetie pie, I hope she found her way home.

I love those feet!

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