Monday, November 8, 2010

Clay, Clay & Clay!

One of the many things that are awesome about being an art teacher are our waiver days. We get to pretend we're students and make art, cut up with our other teacher friends and stuff our faces with cookies. Come on now, what can possibly be better than that? Nothing, absolutely nothing is the correct answer.

Today we played with clay. Let me tell you I hate working with clay. I've had very bad experiences with clay, that and I don't like to get my hands dirty. I did pretty good though and am reconsidering my hatred.

Our first project was making masks out of clay. First we cut a piece of clay off and rolled it about 3/4" thick.

Then we waded up newspaper into the shape of a head.

Next we laid out the clay on top of the newspaper and trimmed off the edges.

Then you add the eyes

Or eye!

Next the nose is added.

Next you add details such as eyelids, lips, eyebrows, hair...

Our next clay class was how to make a house out of clay. I had never done this before and thought I'd surely mess this one up.

Thank goodness we had directions or mine would have been insanely crooked!

You cut out the pieces to the house and start building the walls of the house first. The floor and roof are the last ones to go on.

I think everyone did such a wonderful job on their houses!

The last class of the day was how to make molds with polymer clay. I was running out of energy at this point so only had a few pictures. I also started to not pay attention, I think we were supposed to create something out of clay and then use the molding polymer to make a mold around it. I just made a bird on a branch and that's as far as I got. The others turned out great though.

See, I told you we have awesome waiver days :o)


  1. Your student clay work is AWESOME!!!

  2. Mrs. Hahn, these works were done by fellow art teachers. I have not worked with clay in my classes since we have no sink and no space and almost no good behavior, lol!