Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to draw a bird

Since I've no time in between classes I've started the students drawing a daily doodle for the first 5 minutes in order to help me get organized for the next grade. It also gets the kids working right off the bat so there's not a lot of talking and playing around. Most of the ideas were given to me by other websites and other teachers. They love to practice drawing cartoon things. This week they've been drawing cartoon birds. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND SO FUNNY, I had to show them off. Please to enjoy.

Giant bird with teeth next to a pool of gravy?

Um, not sure about the connection here.


Large bird followed by an American Airlines Fish

I love how the egg on the very right shows movement!


Worms is good!

She is mass producing eggs while he's mass producing musical notes. 


  1. Is your daily doodle a handout or something with steps on it? I really love this idea...I used to do a sketchbook warm up but now my class times are shorter so I did away with it.

    Loved the cat ones too!

  2. Another art teacher sent me a flip chart of different "how to draws". I have it up on the Pormethean board when they come in. For the 1st 5 minutes of class we practice drawing. That gives me time to prep for class and take attendance. At first they hated it, now they love it. I think the teacher got ideas from how to draw books.