Thursday, November 18, 2010

How To Draw A Cat

Again, my students didn't let me down.  I think I hurt myself laughing.
I haz kilt alien?

I R angry punk killer kitty!

Catafornia Girls we're unforgettable, furry all over disco ball on top.  2 music notes and flowers melt your Popsicle, ooooh oh ooooh!

So a turkey, a cat, a turtle & a platypus with fake nails decide to skydive over a toilet.  Not the desired outcome they were hoping for.

Footballs grow on trees?

Pretty princess sings sweetly to bearded lion.

YUM!  TAKI!  What is taki exactly?  Should you eat taki before jumping into a hot tub?

Apparently this mouse doesn't understand cat speak.

And the cat party was on, and the cat party was on, and the cat party was on.

aa! Watch out for the punk rock armadillo skater kitty!! aa!

Kitten Bieber's 1st hit single.

This mouse has enraged me!  Grr, I have kilt it dead!

These cats must be special.  Pooping with toilet paper into glitter filled boxes, now that's awesome!

Little person putting sombrero onto giant cat using magical powers while his wife sits in the car unimpressed.

This cat is about to have a really, really, really bad day.

Nobody believed Jeff's excuse for being late to work.


  1. OMG! How truly great your students are. However, you missed the UFO. . .no sombreo. It is an alien.

  2. They are talented little people aren't they? How are they going to fit that giant cat into the tiny spaceship? I guess aliens are magic when it comes to storage.