Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkins with Attitude!

Happy Pumpkin
Angry Pumpkin...Grrrr!
Laughing pumpkin
Kitty Pumpkin
Ninja Pumpkin!
Gleeful Pumpkin

The cutest Pumpkin

The Asian Inspired Pumpkin      

I just threw a few choice pumpkin making materials on the trays and had students make their own pumpkins and they came up with the cutest most original stuff.  With no guidance!  Amazing isn't it?  I think so at least!


  1. Hello fellow vertically challenged Art teacher!

    Thanks for joining my blog. I am happy to do the same thing. I hope to visit and share ideas often. I will add you onto the side blog roll on my blog if you don't mind...

  2. Thanks Mrs. Hahn! I'll do the same for your blog, if I can figure it out, lol!