Friday, November 5, 2010

TCU Mask Makin' Time

I'm so privileged to be part of the TCU program for FWISD art teachers.  We meet once a month to recenter ourselves and make art.  Let's face it, as art educators we are so busy working on our lessons, prepping for our classes, organizing, and helping our students that we often forget ourselves.  Today we made plaster casts of our faces using plaster gauze.  We had the lights down low, relaxing music and our peers to help us through the process.  It was quite amazing. 

First we cut the plaster gauze into different sized strips and dipped them into warm water.

Then we applied the strips onto a well vaselined face. Being careful not to get plaster on the delicate baby hairs around the face.  (Thank you Amanda for your allowing me to use you for my blog.)
The plaster gauze we used was pretty sturdy stuff so we only used one layer.  15 minutes later it was ready to be removed.
We added strips along the edges of the face to even it out and viola!  Plaster Masterpieces!

At the next (and sadly the last) meeting we're going to embellish our creations!  I can't wait to see how they turn out.

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