Friday, November 26, 2010

Upside Down Drawings

Sadly, my 5th grade classes are crammed, did I mention I have two classes at 42+, and very ill behaved.  Which blows my mind because I've never experienced such bad behavior in 5th graders.  Usually I break out the best for them, they paint, they create things with clay, they get to experiment with new art materials.  This is the time for them to shine.  This year I've had enough.  I cannot fight them, they've won.  If they don't want to do the fun things I had planned then fine...F. I. N. E!  After talking it over with other seasoned teachers they recommend that I just stick to drawing, and drawing it is.

Over the last three weeks they've been working on their upside down drawings.  I did it in high school and college and enjoyed it, and I made sure to let them know that they're doing a high school level lesson.  They thought that was pretty cool.

It's from the book "The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards.  I printed off 50 copies of Pablo Picasso's Portrait of Igor Stravinsky and had them draw what they saw.  They started anywhere they felt comfortable and drew the lines as they saw them, not focusing on drawing hands, or features of the face, just drawing one line at a time.  The results were sooooooo awesome.  Of course there were a few who would try and draw right side up and then when they saw me coming quickly turn their papers upside down, and be all "what's up teach?"  Funny unruly 5th graders.  Now, on to the next drawing lesson, which will be....heck, I don't know yet.  That's what the day after Thanksgiving is for, lesson plan day!

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