Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Vet

Usually I don't mind taking the dogs to visit the vet.  Today was not one of those days.  Abbey, our beloved 10 year old Parsons Russell Terrier, has not been herself these past few days.  Yesterday we had company and she didn't leap off the couch to greet the new person, that's a HUGE sign that something was wrong.  So we took her in this morning.

The vet looked her over, moved her head to and fro, pressed up and down her spine  Then he turned her feet under, now I've watched enough Animal Planet shows to know that if a dog doesn't turn the foot back to the right position something is wrong, and of course she couldn't turn her left back foot right.  It seems she has damaged a disc.  Who knows what happened, she's always chasing after those darn squirrels and playing rough with Stella.  Regardless she's on immediate bed rest for 3 weeks.  We have an appointment for Friday to see if she's healing.  If this doesn't remedy the pain then x-rays are next. 

I hope she's OK, and that she heals fast.  I hate seeing her in pain, it breaks my heart. We need all the positive prayers we can get. 

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