Sunday, December 5, 2010

Face Time

Friday was the very last meeting at TCU.  Kinda sad about it.  It was such a rich and rewarding experience.  To be in a warm and comfortable environment and to be able to let go of our worries and make art with other art teachers, make art for us and no one else.  No judgment, no stress, just creating for the sake of being creative.  It was the only time I've EVER been able to not have any idea of what to do and not be stressed over how it's going to look.  I just freely created.  I've never been able to let go like that.  Crazy things happened, like making something and it not being half bad.  Now if only I could hold on to that.  That's going to be the challenge.

Not good!

Little does this pig know what lurks behind him.

Our Masks

Thank you Jane and Amanda!  I will never forget this experience, you are very special people.

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