Monday, May 31, 2010

Tres Armadillos

I don't often venture to Dallas, but when I do I definately don't expect to see any free range armadillo's rooting around in someone's yard. In fact, I've lived in Texas all of my 37 years and have never seen an armadillo in the wild. Dead on the road, yes, but alive and moving, no. Yesterday was the exception. There were three. They couldn't see me so I was able to take pictures. They are kind of cute and kind of creepy at the same time, and they stink to high heaven, well at least these three did. Gracias Tres Armadillo's for the photo opportunity.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


We drew horses today (K & 1st). They were pun intended. I think they turned out cute. We didn't get to finish coloring them though, which makes me :(

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let them eat (make) cake!

Oh how I love Wayne Thiebaud. I still regret missing his show at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth...those many, many years ago. So uncool. I thought this last lesson of the school year should pay homage to him.

I started with a Flip Chart all about Wayne and his works. The kids were all mad at me because it made their little mouths water. They said I should have at least considered their feelings and brought cakes for them to eat...ha, silly little ones.

Then I had them design their cakes, what colors did they want to use, how big did they want their cake? They also could make cupcakes and lollipops. After they were colored and ready I passed out the model magic. They mixed their secondary colors on their own since model magic only comes in primary colors...yay, an element of art! They totally thought that was a trip, mixing the colors. They almost wasted the whole class period just making colors. They ended up making some swell cakes and candies. Makes me want to whip up one right now, the kind you can eat. I do apologize if these photos make you hungry for sweets.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pimpin' the Holga

When I first bought my Holga for a Photography class many years ago I was excited to have her. Then I took photos, several rolls of photos, and then I hated her. I managed to make a passing grade on my project all because my dogs are so damn cute, they were my subject, not because I was bad ass with my Holga. I almost did a ceremonial burning of her after the class was over. But I could not bring myself to do such a thing.

Flash forward to several years later and my love for her has been renewed. I'm gearing up for the beginning of summer and the beginning of a new and loving relationship with my Holga. I've been checking out different websites devoted to tricking out Holga's and decided she needed a new look to go with my new outlook on little cheap toy plastic cameras. So during my planning periods I fixed her all up, a homage to Keith Haring if you will. One of my favorite artists.

She's so pretty now I won't be able to destroy her no matter what she does to my film. We're going to do great things this summer her and I.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Peace Out

Every year the FWISD has all the art teachers enter their students work into the Safe City Poster Competition. The students are given a poster board and they are to create a composition that is inspired by the theme " Imagine No Violence". I really, really, really, wanted this poster to win first, second or third place but the judges didn't like it. The rainbow eyes was a big turn off for them. I personally love it and thought this was the most original idea out of all of the 5th grade, some 150 students.

I don't know, maybe God is really a big hippie ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Unpredictable Holga

I love it when I send rolls of film to get developed and I have no idea what's on them. When they come back to me it's like Christmas. Especially if it's from a Holga because you never know how the photo's will turn out. Granted, most of the film didn't turn out, but the ones that did I kind of dig.
I believe these photos were from an outing at the Nature Center with my good friend D'Arcy. We were a little paranoid during our hike. We kept thinking we were being stalked by a panther, then we were scared we were being stalked by a gator, then rabid raccoon. Hey, we're city girls. Nature is kind of scary to us. Please to enjoy our paranoia.

The last two photos are from last year's trip to New Orleans. I cannot for the life of me remember what building this was. I do remember that it was closed and chained up, gorgeous building though.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


My 4th graders created their own self-portraits for the last project of the year. We started the lesson by discussing some of the artists who painted self portraits; Van Gogh, Chuck Close, and Vigee Lebrun. Then I did a guided drawing on where the eyes, nose, mouth and ears were located on the head, how to draw eyes...and so on. I passed out mirrors and the students added the details of the face, hair and clothing. Then they colored their self-portraits using colored pencils and finished by adding a fine tipped black marker to define the lines.

Talk about teeth pulling...geesh...the 4th graders did not like this lesson at all! It's a shame since I think they did really good. I think 30% of the kids didn't even try, they just wanted to get it over with. The other 70% did really well even though they complained through the whole process. Maybe I should move this up to 5th grade, they did their fair share of complaining about working in art too. Here are some examples of their hard work, and trust me they did work hard, well, some of them did.

The drawings...

And now the finished project...

This student got very creative with his pose. Not only that but it looks just like him! He's a definite candidate for art club next year. Love it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Art Club has been busy making Artist Trading Cards. I gave them all sorts of materials in order to make them; paint, flowers, glitter, watercolors, sparkly gems and buttons, buttons and more buttons. They did such a wonderful job with them. It takes me hours to figure out what to do with a blank ATC. Oh to have that youthful imagination.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Sillies

Fort Worth Modern Art Museum + Flip Camera + iMovie + 2 exhausted people = silly, stupid fun.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day

I was not expecting these little love letters from my second graders. They melt my heart. God love them.