Sunday, January 30, 2011


The 4th grade just finished their elephants!  It was for the Crayola Dream Makers Contest that we, the FWISD, participate in every year.  I found this wonderful lesson on the crayola website. Here's the link if you're interested.

I opened with a flip chart (powerpoint) about the Sri Lanka people and their special bond with elephants.  Then I discussed the processions they have every summer and showed them images of the elephants all decked out in ornate blankets and lights.

We did a guided drawing of an elephant and then the students were to decorate their blankets and headdresses with patterns and designs.  They were to use as much color as possible, since the contest theme was world of color.

The next thing they were to do was to cut out their elephants and glue them onto colored construction paper and add details to the background.

This took about 5, 45 minute classes to complete.  I totally thought the kids would complain about how much work they had to put into their elephants but the response I got was the opposite.  They loved their elephants and they loved doing it.  Who doesn't like elephants?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

How To Draw A Horse

The daily doodle this week was how to draw a horse head.  It's funny how they don't complain about drawing these daily doodles even though I consider them very hard, but I can't get them to take the
time to color in their shapes without scribbling. 

You let him go now or I'll blow snot all over you from my rainbow!

My hot little pony, My hot little pony, there you go strutting your stuff.

I have no idea what is going on in this drawing.  No idea.

Ponies in speedos and tighty whities!

Awww!  A shout out from a student, how awesome!

So glad you pointed that out for me!

A kids rendition of the Godfather?
Elvis the horse.  He was found legs up in his stall after overeating oats.

Friday, January 21, 2011

How To Draw A Mouse

I'm going to fight the "OMG Texas is $5 Billion in the hole" blues with these awesome Daily Doodles. I added a whole bunch because I needed extra happy. Hope you enjoy "How To Draw  A Mouse"...
This mouse has an incredible mustache or really bad sinus issues.

A horse is trying to ride a mouse? Huh.

Helicopter/Destroyer Mouse

J.J.'s food stinks and it's apparently given this mouse the runs.

Able to leap large railroad ties in one bound. 

Cookie should have bypassed the perm.

Mouse ropers

Heck no I don't want that turkey, I want the giant slab of cheese! Wait, maybe I do want the turkey.

So that's where mice go to get cheese.

The well mannered mouse always uses cutlery when partaking of the swiss cheese.

This disturbed mouse has nightmares about rabbits and other earless creatures.

Will the mouse land in the rat house or the movie theater?

"But that's my cheese!"

A mouse enjoys a hot dog and wearing people shoes every now and then.  Can't fault him for that.  Is that a chicken serving him?

Aw, that nice cat is going to give the mouse a hug.

Mice also like to karaoke.  Surely he's singing some Ratt tunes.

I don't want to play with no talking eggplant!

This goatee wearing mouse needs a diaper.

Never, EVER throw babies at mice!

This mouse must have that stomach flu that's been going around.

Texas Cutting $5 Billion From Public Schools

I'm a little freaked out after learning Texas is facing a HUGE budget deficit.  Even more freaked out that they're proposing cutting $5 Billion from public schools and SLASHING THE ARTS.  Of course the arts are the first to go, they're not important.  Who needs art?  After finally finding something that I'm good at and love doing, it makes me just want to puke.  Even worse, my kids will suffer.  Man they love coming to art, I could toss crayons at them and they'd be happy with just that.  Some of the kids have such a horrible home life, school is difficult for them, they have problems with other kids.  Coming into art class releases them from their worries. It's a place where they're safe. How can you take that away from them? How can you take that away from thousands of art teachers who work so hard and put in so much overtime, and love and kindness?  I don't know man.  It hurts my heart.  If only I lived in a world where art was important.

Anyone else experiencing this?  Your thoughts?  Your comforting words?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Daily Doodle!

I'm fed up with researching new lessons for kindergarten.  I have no idea what to do with them next week. Instead of exhausting myself I thought I would post the newest pictures from the last weeks daily doodle.  Please to enjoy...Drawing panthers...RRRAWWWR!

Original Gansta, hence the star neck tattoo .

OMG watch out for giant rectangle panthers!

Dude!  If you'd look down you'd have lunch already.

Is that a panther eating a person? 

Hey panther bird, I don't know what they're doing either.

You're really not scaring me Mr. Zero.

Best cheetah ever!

Stick Lion!  Love it!

These panthers have two tickets to the gun show.

DJ Jazzy Panther iz in the hizzouse, boooyeeeee.

Wow, look at those muscles.  Is he aware of the spider above his head?

So cute I can't stand it!

Hi!  I'd stay away from that road if I were you.

I didn't know panthers could wear flip flops.  That's gotta be hard.

So sweet my teeth hurt!  I want to make this panther into a doll so I can snuggle it.

The cloud footed panther.