Sunday, January 30, 2011


The 4th grade just finished their elephants!  It was for the Crayola Dream Makers Contest that we, the FWISD, participate in every year.  I found this wonderful lesson on the crayola website. Here's the link if you're interested.

I opened with a flip chart (powerpoint) about the Sri Lanka people and their special bond with elephants.  Then I discussed the processions they have every summer and showed them images of the elephants all decked out in ornate blankets and lights.

We did a guided drawing of an elephant and then the students were to decorate their blankets and headdresses with patterns and designs.  They were to use as much color as possible, since the contest theme was world of color.

The next thing they were to do was to cut out their elephants and glue them onto colored construction paper and add details to the background.

This took about 5, 45 minute classes to complete.  I totally thought the kids would complain about how much work they had to put into their elephants but the response I got was the opposite.  They loved their elephants and they loved doing it.  Who doesn't like elephants?


  1. What is going on… I have seen this lesson on about 4 blogs… I'm working on some right now with my 3rd grade. Wild! I love that we fall i love with the same idea all at once. I will post about this blog too when I post our elephants. Nice work!

  2. That's crazy! I can't wait to see them!!