Friday, January 21, 2011

How To Draw A Mouse

I'm going to fight the "OMG Texas is $5 Billion in the hole" blues with these awesome Daily Doodles. I added a whole bunch because I needed extra happy. Hope you enjoy "How To Draw  A Mouse"...
This mouse has an incredible mustache or really bad sinus issues.

A horse is trying to ride a mouse? Huh.

Helicopter/Destroyer Mouse

J.J.'s food stinks and it's apparently given this mouse the runs.

Able to leap large railroad ties in one bound. 

Cookie should have bypassed the perm.

Mouse ropers

Heck no I don't want that turkey, I want the giant slab of cheese! Wait, maybe I do want the turkey.

So that's where mice go to get cheese.

The well mannered mouse always uses cutlery when partaking of the swiss cheese.

This disturbed mouse has nightmares about rabbits and other earless creatures.

Will the mouse land in the rat house or the movie theater?

"But that's my cheese!"

A mouse enjoys a hot dog and wearing people shoes every now and then.  Can't fault him for that.  Is that a chicken serving him?

Aw, that nice cat is going to give the mouse a hug.

Mice also like to karaoke.  Surely he's singing some Ratt tunes.

I don't want to play with no talking eggplant!

This goatee wearing mouse needs a diaper.

Never, EVER throw babies at mice!

This mouse must have that stomach flu that's been going around.

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