Friday, January 21, 2011

Texas Cutting $5 Billion From Public Schools

I'm a little freaked out after learning Texas is facing a HUGE budget deficit.  Even more freaked out that they're proposing cutting $5 Billion from public schools and SLASHING THE ARTS.  Of course the arts are the first to go, they're not important.  Who needs art?  After finally finding something that I'm good at and love doing, it makes me just want to puke.  Even worse, my kids will suffer.  Man they love coming to art, I could toss crayons at them and they'd be happy with just that.  Some of the kids have such a horrible home life, school is difficult for them, they have problems with other kids.  Coming into art class releases them from their worries. It's a place where they're safe. How can you take that away from them? How can you take that away from thousands of art teachers who work so hard and put in so much overtime, and love and kindness?  I don't know man.  It hurts my heart.  If only I lived in a world where art was important.

Anyone else experiencing this?  Your thoughts?  Your comforting words?


  1. I have been freaking out as well! What are they thinking? It won't only be the arts, there will be so many cuts everywhere. It's like schools will basically become daycares. I am so worried not only about my job, but my children's education, my students, and most of all the entire state of Texas! Don't they see how terrible it could be for our economy? They estimate it could bring our state's unemployment rate to over %10! How can they let this happen? Or maybe I should say how can we let this happen? I am ready to go down to Austin and protest!! Let me know if you in...haha! No, seriously!

  2. They're already protesting in Austin. Here's a youtube link of the news coverage.

    Honestly they have no idea what it's like to have 39 kindergartners in one art room. You can't do a thing with them. I can't imagine why they'd want to increase the student teacher ratio. These decision makers have no idea what damage they're about to do to our already flawed education system.
    Here's a petition to sign against increasing the students in the classroom.

    I'll be the first to start the trek down to Austin and I'll bring all my art teachers with me! We'll do our best to stop this nonsense!

  3. I know what you mean. I have about 32 Kinders at a time, even more Pre-K's, all doing art centers, forget about trying to hold all their attention for longer than 3 minutes at a time. I already signed that petition thanks for the link though. I need to forward it to all my friends and family.