Thursday, February 3, 2011

How To Draw A Monster

Silly Alternative Monster.

So a monster, Domo and space ship walk into a bar...

Slam dunking a friend, don't be a bully Monster.

I reckon I better get to scarin' these country folk now.  If only I could find all of my little monster cowboy boots.

It took many, many lonely years but little Monster finally found his place in a world where he fit in.

I shall dismantle your silly little bed while you sleep, stupid humans.

Even monsters are disgusted by the sight of jello.

A monster on the streets of London, well, floating above the streets of London.

OH NO!  Don't throw the boy in the bubble into that volcano looking thing!

Stick figure people make me ANGRY...GRRRRRRRRRR!

I'm always mistaking cheese for someone else.

Texan Monster


Texas Rangers monsters shouldn't play baseball with human heads, it ain't right!

Monster speak.

Don't eat the cat Mr. Bossy Pants.

Hot dogs again?

Monster size that sandwich please good sir.

I ain't afraid of no ghost, well, maybe just a little.

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