Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dude, there's nothing like coming back after spring break to see the 90 pieces of art that you lovingly hung up to display (and spent hours after school putting it up) falling down and/or missing in action.  Every spring and summer and fall...oh heck, every time I hang work it eventually slips to the ground.  It's the most aggravating thing ever!  I've tried packing tape, scotch tape, painters tape, all kinds of sticky putty, mixing two different kinds of sticky putty, mixing three, four even five different kinds of sticky putty, combining different tapes and sticky putty together.  I've invested in hot glue...it pulls off paint, as does Velcro...to my dismay. I even found an ancient waxer that applies wax strips to paper...that btw, was a total waste of time.  Not one stuck, not one!   If I could hammer into cement blocks I swear I would, if it would work, and be easy. 
It just bums me out that every day I have to pull out my ladder and check to see whats come undone.  Tell me I'm not alone in my anguish!  Tell me that one of you that read my blog know the secret to hanging paper to painted cement blocks!  Surely someone knows the trick!  HELP!  TELL ME PLEASE!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fort Worth Modern Art Camp

I was watching the news today and all of the sudden I see one of my students on TV!  I was like..."WHAT THE?"  Our local Channel 5 news did a quick little story on the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum's Spring Break Art Camp.  Only a few schools are chosen for this free program and South Hills was one of the chosen ones.  It was my very difficult job to select four outstanding little artists (3rd & 4th Grades) for the program.  It was not an easy task.  The four students join other students at the Modern to learn about art, the museum, and they have the awesome opportunity to make art with visiting local artists.  It's a great program, and so much fun!  The Modern does so much for our FWISD students, I can't thank them enough.  The student who is "an expert at drawing things that are good" is my 3rd grader, he is really super talented.  I'm so proud!  Again, I have to say this...ART MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Here's the clip...


Draw Yourself In A Rainstorm

Hang on to that tree little stick figure person!

No rainstorm is going to get this sassy girl down!

I love how the wind is bending the trees, hey!  Is that a ninja turtle?

So much is going on in this drawing!  My favorite is the tiny cow mooing in the tornado.


I wish I were that optimistic!

Out of all the horrible things happening in this drawing, I think I'd fear the giant earthworm escaping out of the trunk of the car the most.

Thunderstorm on the moon.

I love how this little artist chanced the expression to something more fitting.




I know, right?

A SHADOW!  A 2nd grader drew a SHADOW!  That' is so awesome!!

Poor puppy :(

Poor little guy :(

Dude, one is bad enough!

Those are totally the largest raindrops EVER!

Even Domo is getting struck by lightning!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Love Note

This is one of the many reasons I teach.  It's not every day that we teachers get recognition, but when we do it's like hitting the jackpot.  I think I'm going to save all my love letters, and when the time comes and art is about to get the axe, I'll send them to the legislature.  This one will have to get copied though, I'm not going to part with it.  I love my job.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rally To Save Texas Schools

Made it to the Rally in Austin today!  I was totally blown away at the amount of people standing up for education!  There's still so much more to do.  Please contact your representatives and let them know how important education is for the state of Texas!  Go teachers!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

How To Draw A Bee

I'm not sure what's going on here but those little animal guys declaring war are way cute.

Bee unemployment

This is one cool bee

I can make swirlies with my stinging juice!

Um, Mr Bee?  You have a dead shriveled up stick person stuck to your stinger.

Super mario bee with glasses and sad crying person.

Gang bees.

Big hand made bee's day.

A bee with stars in his eyes.

Steroid bee.

Bee n boots

Zombies trying to capture flying shark with super powers while bee quietly slips away unnoticed.

That's one heck of a stinger!

Pretty lady bee.

Bee's with noses.

Let's Bee Fwenz!

Bug basketball.

Catching a bee by the stinger takes lots of talent.

Not good.

Cute bee feet.

Elderly bee.