Saturday, April 16, 2011

How To Draw A Cow

Great udder placement :)
No. 47

Reluctant Cow.

Beautiful sunset cow.

Cow & Giraffe/Horse

Stick Figure Rodeo

Cow & toothless alligator horse

Hat wearing, lactating, levitating cow.

Another levitating cow.

Another levitating cow, who knew they were so special?

Rabbit, human, cow?

Cottontail Cow.

Two legged cow.

The student told me the story of this doodle; the cow's mom died so to make him feel better he lives in a special place where he's fed whenever he's hungry, he gets to listen to soothing music all day and those little round star things are massagers. 

Widower cow.  Poor guy.

Another stick figure rodeo.

Cow on treadmill.

Sleeping sun, grumpy clouds, happy cow.

Cat cow?

Rocking the flying V cow.

Cow and hillbilly

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