Saturday, April 30, 2011

Small Art Teacher VS. Origami Crane

I have been defeated by Origami.  I had this wonderful idea of making cranes for the last lesson of the year, the kids have been begging me to do this.  So I sat down with my book and gave it a try....that didn't work out well.  I tossed the crumpled expensive origami paper got another one and tried numerous sites online...that didn't work.  I got yet another piece of paper and looked up how to tutorials online thinking I'd totally get it then...nope!  I even asked my professional origami making 4th grader to show me...7 steps into it and he was looking at me like I was crazy!  "No Mrs. Theodore, you fold it this way!  Yours doesn't look like a crane at all!"  He finally gave up and suggested he teach the class...I may consider that if his teacher will let him.

Stupid Origami, making me feel like an inadequate art teacher.


  1. I can make a paper crane, but that's about it for Origami. I'm convinced they purposely leave out steps to make origami structures impossible to complete. A plot against us, perhaps? By the way, I also have an origami "expert" in my school, a 5th grade boy, who puts me to shame. Have you seen the amazing paper folding movie, Between the Folds?

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only origami challenged! I'll have to look up that movie. Maybe then I'll be the wiser...or not ;)

  3. Don't give up. Some diagrams are easier to read than others. I teach a two-day summer workshop at ESC Region 14 in Abilene - Origami for Elementary Teachers - We have a lot of fun. You might look into a class in your area. Good luck.