Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Bread

I think the bread's minions are doughnuts.

Bread Family

Living Dead Bread

Kick out the jams!

Bread's new ride.

Thanks Toaster Man!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dog Yoga

I saw this little guy at Fort Woof last week.  I had to do it, I couldn't resist.  He was practically begging me to turn him into a yoga dog.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last week South Hills students had a quick lesson on Frida Kahlo.  I put her "Self-Portrait II" up on the Promethean board along with a few questions.  What colors do you see, Can you list any elements of art, who is the artist, what is the title?  Then I asked students to draw one thing from the painting.  I was impressed with those who drew the whole portrait, in only 5 minutes time no less.  I certainly have to share these drawings with you!  They're fabulous!
Not a student drawing!  Frida's "Self-Portrait II"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Roy G. Biv

Oh my, my students LOVED this lesson.  Thanks to Art Room Video's (  for posting this and giving me this idea. 

It centers around the awesome They Might Be Giants "Roy G. Biv" video.  I showed the students the video (they will then demand you show it every time they come to class from that point on), and we talk about the color spectrum.  I pass out papers for them to write the name of the colors on back and on the front they draw their rainbow.  I was very pleased to see Roy himself make an appearance on many of the drawings.  It's a very quick 1 day lesson, unless you play the video more than once, then it can take up to 3 days.

This lesson works well with 1st - 3rd grades.  Enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Oh, and here's the video...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kindergarten Pointillism Fish

Here is a new lesson I came up with all by myself!  (It's finally happening, I'm starting to have confidence in myself as a teacher!)  I showed the students the Starfall website on the artist Georges Seurat, which can be found at this address  We talked about how he painted, and talked about some of his artwork.  The kids really love this site, they get to get up and answer a few of the questions and they get to read!  It's such a great website!  Then we did a guided drawing of a fish and I demonstrated how to gently use a marker to create dots.  I also talked to them about how to use more than one color in their fish, for those who were bold enough to try mixing colors.

They really enjoyed this lesson, who am I kidding, they always enjoy art ;)

This Kinder didn't get to finish the fish...I still love it though!

Severe Weather Poster Winner!

I want to show off my 4th grade winner of the Fort Worth Severe Weather Poster Contest.  He and 13 others were chosen, their work will be printed in next years calendar!  I'm so proud of my talented students!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sandwich Monsters

My 3rd grade classes have been all kinds of mixed up due to preparing for TAKS testing.  So I stole, (that's what art teachers do, steal right?)  an idea from  BTW, I owe my 3 years of success to Kathy Barbro.  I could not have done it without you and your awesome ideas! So anyway, I saw that she had a doodle book for kids and one of the doodles was a piece of bread, or what looked like a drawing of a piece of bread.  So I decided I would do this for one day instead of wasting a day on free drawing.   I drew a piece of bread on the Promethean Board and had the students extend or morph the drawing into something, essentially they had to use their imaginations to finish the drawing.  The results were hysterical!  The kids LOVED drawing bread.  I think I might go ahead and do this for all of 3rd grade just for the fact that they had so much fun creating their little sandwich monsters. 

Might I suggest that you buy the workbook instead of stealing like myself.  In my defense I will be purchasing the doodle book during the summer...this was just a quick fix for a dire situation.  I really am a good person!!!

Cute little tomatoes, angry big toothy bread monster.

I come in dancing!

She didn't get to finish her cupcakes.

Bread getting hit by air traffic.

Justin Bieber lovin', singing in the shower, hairy, feet stinking bread being interrupted by wife bread who has to tinkle.

Cute human watching bread being attacked by giant cutlery.

Calculator eating a sandwich.

Everyone loves a dancing piece of bread!


There are so many things I love about this many awesome things.

Did that pickle faint?