Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kindergarten Pointillism Fish

Here is a new lesson I came up with all by myself!  (It's finally happening, I'm starting to have confidence in myself as a teacher!)  I showed the students the Starfall website on the artist Georges Seurat, which can be found at this address  We talked about how he painted, and talked about some of his artwork.  The kids really love this site, they get to get up and answer a few of the questions and they get to read!  It's such a great website!  Then we did a guided drawing of a fish and I demonstrated how to gently use a marker to create dots.  I also talked to them about how to use more than one color in their fish, for those who were bold enough to try mixing colors.

They really enjoyed this lesson, who am I kidding, they always enjoy art ;)

This Kinder didn't get to finish the fish...I still love it though!

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