Monday, June 27, 2011

TCU Sculpture Week

I love TCU.  I love that the staff at TCU fight for grants for art educators.  If it were not for Amanda and the awesome (and very patient) professors and assistants, we'd have nothing!  So often as art teachers we focus only on what cool and new things we can do with our kids and neglect our own desires to make art.  Let's face the facts folks...we need art too!

So last week we had a chance to make art for ourselves.  We were shown new techniques and given new materials in order to create sculptures.  It was such a great opportunity!  To be back in a studio environment and given expensive materials to play with, what more could you ask for...and it didn't cost us a penny?  It was like being back in college again.   Good times!

The first thing we did was make Roto Casts out of paper sculptures.  We folded up paper and secured it to the top of a plastic bottle, making sure it was air tight.  Then we poured silicone into the sculpture and slowly rotated it in order for the it to cover all the corners and crevices of the piece.
The materials.

The air tight paper sculpture.

The finished product.  I used sharpie and colored the inside of the paper creases to get the bleedy effect.
The next thing we did was silicone casting.  We glued what we wanted cast onto a board, then painted several different layers of silicone onto the piece.  After it dried we applied plaster around it, then broke out the encased silicone mold and used that to create new pieces. Pretty cool stuff.
The purple cog is the silicone casting.
The final project was to create a wire form and then spray it with a Styrofoam spray.  After it's sprayed you can file it down and paint it to your liking.  Some added plaster to it, some chose to weave materials through the chicken was crazy to see the different ideas!  I love art teachers!
The foam.
The AWESOME assistants working their tails off for us.

Sprayed and filed down.
Here are some of the WONDERFUL and AMAZING sculptures created by FWISD art teachers.  Please to enjoy the awesomeness!

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