Monday, December 26, 2011

Hide The Letter With Lines (4th & 3rd Grade)

Here is some beautiful work on Line from our 4th and 3rd graders. We started off the first six weeks learning about the element of art, line. We also learned the different types of lines such as zig zag, curved, horizontal, vertical, dashed, dotted and so on. The students first chose a letter from the alphabet and drew it really large on their paper. Then they drew 4 lines dividing the paper and in each section they drew a different type of line that they learned in class.

Next they outlined it in black marker.

Then they colored each section using a variety of colored markers.

See if you can point out the letters and the different types of lines they used.

Thanks to the awesome Karol Anne, another FWISD art teacher, for the wonderful idea!

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  1. They are so nice and bright and cheerful. It looks like the kids has a lot of patience coloring them so nicely.
    Happy holidays!