Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sea Turtles (4th Grade)

For the Crayola Dream Makers Contest, ( a contest our school participates in every year), the students created sea turtles for this years theme, which is National Parks.  You might be thinking, what on earth does a sea turtle have to do with National Parks?  Well, we have an awesome little national park in our fine state of Texas!  It's the Padre Island National Seashore!  It's located on Padre Island, the park preserves the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world with critical habitat for numerous rare, threatened and endangered species.  One endangered species being the sea turtle.

So we learned a little bit about sea turtles, what they eat, where they migrate, where they lay their eggs, and how many different species of sea turtles there are.

Then the students drew sea turtles and painted them with watercolors.

When they were dry they outlined them with black makers and cut them out.

Then they glued small pieces of card board on the back of the sea turtles, just to give them a little pop.

The next thing the students did was create a background for the sea turtle by gluing strips of cool colored (green, blue, purple) tissue paper onto a piece of heavy construction paper.

When that dried we glued our sea turtles on and viola!  Sea Turtles!!  Check out all the adorable sea turtles!  4th grade did an EXCELLENT JOB!!!  PROUD OF YOU GUYS :)

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