Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stella Love

Well, I think Stella (my therapy dog partner) has won over the whole campus. I used to walk down the halls and have students yell their hellos to me, wave, and hug me. I felt pretty darn popular. Now Stella has taken over. When I walk in the door with her all the kids scream her name, wave to her, ask to pet her - even when I don't have her they ask me how she is and when she's coming to visit. It's like I'm not even there...yep, now I'm old news. I do have to share some adorable love notes that I'm getting. Oh, they're not for me! They're for Stella. They ask me to give them to her. So Stella has a folder of love notes now.
Here's Stella hard at work. Students love reading to her.
I must say, it's pretty awesome to take your best friend to work with you. To know that she's helping and spreading love to our students is even more awesome. Go Stella!

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