Monday, October 8, 2012

Western Self-Portraits (1st Grade)

Here are some cowboy and cowgirl self-portraits created by 1st grade.  Students learned to define the vocabulary term "Self-Portrait" and also learned about facial proportions and collage (the art of gluing paper onto artwork).  We also talked about deserts and what a background and horizon line is.  When students finished coloring their pictures they glued pre-cut triangles as little bandanas to their drawings.  The portraits turned out beautifully!  Good job 1st grade!!


  1. I like the bright colors in Jimena's. All of them are super good. Yeehaw for The Small Art Teacher!!! :D

  2. These are great - fantastic work for 1st grade! Will be following with pleasure :)

  3. Thanks guys! I think I love David's the most. Who can resist a cowboy as cute as that, and a volcano, and a mountain, and a rabbit (maybe), and a cactus, and an adorable platypus? Great composition!

  4. As always, they make me smile. Love the lips on the two top girls and - oh dear -is the bottom girl cold? Her lips have turned blue! Maybe cowgirls wear blue lipstick? Like I said - I'm smiling!

    1. It can get cold in the desert sometimes, lol! At least her hat matches her lips :)