Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Warm/Cool Curvy Lines (3rd Grade)

This is yet another lesson found on Pinterest that I used for my 3rd grade line, pattern, & color lesson.  I tried to do the right thing and find the link in my pinterest board, but the images wouldn't show, and a ton of the lessons I've pinned are missing.  What the what?  I hope it remedies itself by tomorrow because I'm planning for the next 6 weeks.  Did you hear that pinterest?  You better work!

Anyway, just to let you know...when I showed the 3rd graders this example and told them that was what they were doing they were like..."Ms.  there's no way we can do that!"  After showing them the steps they had it down.  Some of the students needed more motivation when it came to the pattern department.  I had posted a few pattern ideas on the smart board for them, which seemed to help. 

It starts with a curved line, with a loop.  It goes from one edge of the paper to the other.

Then students choose between cool or warm colors.  They pick 3 or 4 and use the side of the marker (to get thick lines) and follow along the black curved line, using one color above the other.

Then I handed out rulers and had students draw 4 lines across their paper.  (I forgot to take a picture).  In each section they have to create a different pattern.  After they filled the spaces they outlined their pencil lines with sharpies.

The results were stunning.  

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