Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Georgia O'Keeffe Cow Skulls/Navajo Indian Blankets (5th Grade)

5th grade did excellent jobs on this labor of love. 

We began the lesson reading "Through Georgia's Eyes" by Rachel Rodriguez. We discussed her art, as well as the art created by Navajo Indians.  We also talked about the Elements of art; line, space, shape, color and value.  We spent most of the class time drawing our lines in our Indian blankets and coloring them with bright colors.  After the blanket was completed we started drawing our skulls and showing value.  We then cut out the skulls and glued them to our blankets.  In order to give our papers more support, we glued them onto construction paper.  We punched holes on the top and bottom of the paper and tied yarn on the ends to create fringe. 

This took about five 45 minute class periods, but covered a lot of information and the project looks amazing!

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