Sunday, January 19, 2014

P. S. Aeropostale Finalists

You don't know how EXCITED I was to find out that we had not just one...but TWO finalists in the P. S. Aeropostale T-Shirt Design Contest!  I believe this is the 4th year I have had our school compete in this nation wide competition and we'd never placed or had anyone chosen as finalists.  So when I found out I flipped out!  Though, the finalists didn't win the grand prize, it's a big deal to even be chosen.  Just think, there were thousands of designs and two (1st Grade and 2nd Grade) students work were in the running!  Way to go!!  They will receive a certificate in the mail and some recognition from me, of course.  So proud!!!  Here are their shirt designs.  Check it out! 

Ariahah M. (1st Grade)

Elizabeth D. (2nd Grade)

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