Thursday, February 13, 2014

Native American Line Blankets (Kindergarten)

Oh my, Kindergarten learned so many new things in this lesson.  How to use glue sticks, draw lines, color completely, who Native Americans are and what art forms they create.  They also learned about the Elements of Art and the many different types of lines you can make!  Exciting!!!!

First we learned about Native American art, Elements of Art, and types of lines.

Then I passed out strips of construction paper and we practiced drawing different types of lines on them.  We colored them too!

Then we picked out a large piece of construction paper and glued our strips onto it creating a pattern and practicing our "Dot dot dot, not a lot lot lot" song as we glued.

We added little strips of construction paper to make the fringe on our blanket.  This took several 45 minute classes since this was a beginning of the year lesson and we had to practice a lot of things.  They turned out great!  Good job Kindergarten!

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