Monday, June 30, 2014

Butterflies (Kindergarten)

Here are some lovely butterflies Kinder made for their spring PTA program.

First we talked about the parts of a butterfly, metamorphosis and symmetry.  

Then we folded a large piece of paper in half, we poured paint on one side and refolded the paper.  Then we carefully opened the paper and set it out to dry.

The next time we met I had the students fold their papers and draw a "B" then turned the paper to where the fold was on top.  Then we cut along our "B" line.  Next I gave them a toilet paper roll and had them glue that in the middle of our wings...explaining what symmetry is.  Then I passed out paint sticks and had students add decorations to their butterflies.  

The results are amazing!  Please to enjoy some awesome butterflies!

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