Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How To Draw A Dragon

Here is the very last Daily Doodle.  I know, I'm sad too.  I'm going to miss doing these with elementary kiddos.  They have such awesome imaginations.  I'm really going to miss these kids.  OK, no more talking about it, I'm gonna to enjoy.
Dragon Princess Tea Party

Cool Dude Dragons at a party?

Dragon Prom

Sparky is a little disturbed at finding a magnifying glass and a sandwich. 

Green Thumb Dragon

So this is how they cook hotdogs at Wienerschnitzel. 

Vegan Dragon.

A dragon in an ice cream store.  This is a very bad idea.

Slurpee Dragons

Vomit Dragon

R Kelly dragon

Director Dragon

Thirsty dragon

Birthday dragon

Discriminated against dragon

Bouncy house dragon

Pizza for days dragon

Math equation dragon


  1. I think perhaps I've been one of the biggest fans of your daily doodle posts. I adore them all, and your drawing commentaries have often had me in stitches. And yes, I will miss them. But, I've got to tell you, you may just discover that middle school students love doing these daily doodles too! I've taught all levels, and middle schoolers are a challenge, but also fun, because they have the ability to do some sophisticated art stuff but inside are still babies, and will love everything from Disney sing-a-long videos to sniffy stickers for rewards. So a daily doodle might be something they will take to with absolute glee. Give them a chance!

    I will look forward to reading blog posts about your new teaching adventure. Hope you keep it up!

  2. Awe, thanks Phyl! I had so much fun doing this with the kids, their imaginations fascinate me. Thank you for your devotion and insight. Now that you mention it I might throw one in every now and then for my middle schoolers.

    Today I was at the store buying border for my bulletin boards and was having a hard time debating on whether I should go with polka dots or adorable dogs...are adorable dogs to babyish for middle school, would polka dots be more acceptable? I have no idea what they will like, they're at that awkward age. I went with the adorable dogs...hey, I'm 41 and I still like cute stuff, LOL!